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What we do

Our projects

No two projects are the same, therefore our service is completely bespoke that reflect our clients’ personalities and their properties.
Our residential services include furnishing and interior decoration, renovation and restoration of existing homes, and design partnerships to develop new homes.

Our process includes:

30min discovery call – Free

This informal chat will give us both a feel of how we would work together.  I will brief you on how we work, who we work with and what we do and I will listen to you and learn about your needs and aspirations for yourself and those you live with.


2-hour consultation – £500

This consultation will give us a chance to talk through an upcoming project or a stand-alone, information packed consultation.

You may have design dilemmas that you would like answers to or need advice on how to place furniture. Perhaps you are getting ready to redecorate and need someone to look at your space with a fresh set of eyes. Or you are a do-it-yourselfer and you would like advice and direction on how to go forward with your project. No matter what, we will utilise the 2-hour consultation time and ensure that all your questions are answered.

If you are planning a renovation, this meeting will be the beginning of your project. We will discuss your wishlist and what you would like to incorporate into the new design. We will discuss the budget, explore ideas and options that fit your lifestyle and lay the foundation for your upcoming project.


Full service Interior Design

Whether you are building a new home or renovation your current home, our full service design services includes everything needed to design and manage your project from start to finish to every last detail. It is completely customised to meet your needs, budget and lifestyle. Hover over the icons below for more information.


1. Initial meeting

The initial meeting will take place in your home, where we will discuss your project, wish list, budget and establish a vision for your space. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and determine how we can transform your place into a functioning and beautiful home.

2. Agreement

With a preliminary scope of work and budget in hand, we create a customised Letter of Agreement for your project. Once this legal document is signed and a retainer is provided we begin the Planning Phase for your project.

3. Planning Phase

At the beginning of the Planning Phase, we will meet again to discuss your project in depth. If construction is involved, we will meet with trades and contractors to firm up on the possibilities. We will create floorplans, drawings, joinery and lighting plans. We will source finishes, fixtures and furnishings for your home and present you with a new vision during the Design Presentation.

4. Design Presentation

Upon completion of the design plan, we will present you with the reimagined space illustrated with drawings, images, fabric swatches and finish samples. Large projects may require phased presentations. If there are components what need tweaking or revision, we will fine-tune and source alternatives to ensure you are completely happy with the design plan.

5. Implementation

As finishes, fixtures and custom items are approved, we will begin the ordering process and manage these moving parts. We work hand in hand with the contractor to ensure smooth execution of the Design Plans. We will take the stress out of the process, handle decisions, deal with potential problems allowing you to focus on enjoying life.

6. The Finishing Touches

After construction is completed, fixtures and furnishings installed, we will source and bring accessories, artwork and finishing touches to your home to complete the transformation. We will ask you to allow a day or 2 to photograph your home for our portfolio.

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